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                         ISSN 0973-3906 (print)

Volume 5&6 [2009-2010]

The Frontispiece drawing of Hortus Malabaricus. Manilal, K.S. 1-11 [view] [download pdf]
Hungarian Theologians Associated with Hortus Malabaricus. Manilal, K.S. 12-23 1-11 [view] [download pdf]
An analysis of the data on the medicinal plants recorded in Hortus Malabaricus. Manilal, K. S. and Remesh, M. (24-72) [ View

    Volume 3&4 [2007-2008]

     Message from the Chairman (1) [view] [download pdf]
    Astrology. K.H. Nambudiripad (2-4) [view] [download pdf]
    Socio-Economic Aspects of Conservation. K.S. Manilal (5-11) [view] [download pdf]
    Ethnic knowledge system on bees and apiculture by the Kanikkars of Southern Western Ghats- Kerala. Maya C. Nair (12-19) [view] [download pdf]
    Philosophy, Science and practice: basic issues. P.V. Unnikrishnan (20-21) [view] [download pdf]
    Edison & Veda (22) [view] [download pdf]
    CRIKSC Publications (23) [view] [download pdf]
    Life members of CRIKSC (24-28) [view] [download pdf]
    Volume 2 [2006]

    Indigenous knowledge of fishfolk of Kerala. Mathur, P.R.G. (1-10) [view] [download pdf]
    Sacred groves and serpentine worship in Palakkad District, Kerala: a socio-cultural perspective. Murugan, K. and Ramachandran, V.S. (11-17) [view] [download pdf]
    Safeguarding and promoting tribal indigenous knowledge. Sahu, T.R. (18-22) [view] [download pdf]
    The foster children of darkness. Jayahari, K.M. (22-23) [view] [download pdf]
    Passive solar cooling in a building with brick mansonry for monsoon with short dry season. Bajpai, U. and Mourya, A. (24-27) [view] [download pdf]

    Statement about SAMAGRA (28) [view] [download pdf]

    Volume 1 [2005]

    Editorial (1) [view] [download pdf]
    Annual Report (2003-2004, 2004-2005) (2-3) [view] [download pdf]
    CRIKSC Activities( 4) [view] [download pdf]
    One day seminar on “Buddhist Heritage of Kerala” (4) [view] [download pdf]
    Bye-Law of CRIKSC (5-10) [view] [download pdf]
    Herbal scan: Fuel of future (10) [view] [download pdf]
    Nature at work in nano-technology (16) [view] [download pdf]
    Grass civilizations (20) [view] [download pdf]
    Indian knowledge systems- the notion of linear progression. Rajendran, C. (11-14) [view] [download pdf]
    An Indigenous water engineering system from the rice bowl of Kerala. Ramachandran, V.S. (15-16) [view] [download pdf]
    Approaches in Indigenous Knowledge. Remesh, M. (17-20) [view] [download pdf]
    Einstein and India – Some thoughts in the International Year of Physics. Manilal, K.S. (21-26) [view] [download pdf]
    Towards a negative methodology. Unnikrishnan, P.V. (27-28) [view] [download pdf]
    CRIKSC Publications 2003-2005 (29) [view] [download pdf]
    Life members of CRIKSC (30-32) [view] [download pdf]
    News Scan [inner side of back cover] [view] [download pdf]
    IAPT Research Grant Award 2005 to Mr. P. Sunojkumar
    Kerala Science Congress Young Scientist Award 2005 to Dr. Stephan Sequiera
    Prof. K.S. Manilal honoured with Swadeshi Saasthra Puraskaram 2004
    Ramakrishna Sanskrit award to Prof. C. Rajendran
    Chair of Taxonomy award to Prof. M. Sivadasan
    Emeritus Professorship to Prof. T.C. Narendran